My Time With Sea Of Thieves

My Time With Sea Of Thieves

Well it’s been awhile of course since my last post or video which of course means updates and quite a few of them. Last I posted I had been participating in the beta, since than I’ve seen the full release and a whole list of cool limited events that come along with their own fancy limited gear and a whole host of cosmetics. Along with many many updates fixing issues and adding a ton of cool stuff to the world of Sea of Thieves. I remember having a wonderful time exploring either along or even better of course was hoping onto a sloop and heading out onto the sea with my brother joining me as captain, having some great adventures together, and this when the game was just go get a chest, go get a skull, go get some animals, wow look another sunken ship. Nothing wrong with this of course like I said I had a great time, I’d say we were some of the rare few who enjoyed the game from day one and continue to enjoy it with every new update. Of course it’s only gotten better over time from the simple additions of go hunting for mermaid statues or light difficult to get to lanterns to the bigger additions like the skeleton ships roaming the seas.

Admittedly we probably grinded those out with fellow pirates willing to join as they are certainly not a simple feat to go after. Luckily since than Rare has added lone roaming skeleton ships some out to get you any chance they can and others just on their own quest, ready to protect any loot they have. Of course I can’t forget to mention the brigantine which was added to the game a 1-3 person ship that personally seems the fastest and easiest to use for long travels even with only two on board, of course in tight situations the small sloop is always a great time. Another great addition would be the Devils Roar, an entire new section of the world with its own insane perils of volcanoes and lava flows, where the water will boil you and you never know when the volcano will blow.

The most recent addition being a limited quest you can get from duke for any of the three factions of pirate legends if you are one such as myself, but choose wisely as you only get one and do it quick as they aren’t staying around forever.

There are many more things to list but I wont list them all here that would just be too much to list, I’d suggest going out and buying the game trying it out yourself or if you own it and put it away for quite awhile go and pick it up and give it another try. It’s certainly worth the time and effort to play, just don’t forget to take some fellow pirates along. 

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